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Semen Analysis, Vasectomy Reversal*



Sample Reqs

Semen [1]


2 days*

Special instructions

[1] Contact the laboratory for special sample tubes/containers/instructions.
* If required, comprehensive semen analysis can be reported within 4 hours, with morphology to follow.

Sample guidelines

Ideally semen samples should be produced on-site at TDL’s Patient Reception at 76 Wimpole Street, London.

Patients should abstain from ejaculation for 2–3 days before the test (but no less than 2 days and no longer than 5 days). This requirement is important for semen analyses and post-vasectomy analyses to ensure reliability of results. It is possible that samples that do not comply with guidelines for abstinence and collection may not be able to be processed.

All semen samples must be produced directly into the sterile containers provided by TDL.

All containers are weighed and batch tested for sperm cytotoxicity. In exceptional circumstances when semen samples are produced off-site, they can only be accepted by the Andrology Department in sample containers provided by TDL.

WHO 2021 guidelines state that two semen analyses should be performed before any diagnosis is confirmed. This may require requests for two (separate) semen analyses.

All semen samples must be accompanied by a completed 'Information Form For Patients Producing Semen Samples'.

Download: Information Form For Patients Producing Semen Samples

Download: Semen sample collection instructions


Last-updated: 26/10/23

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