Blood Culture#



Sample Reqs

2 x BC [4]


6 days +

Special instructions

[4] Send to the laboratory without delay. #Please contact the Phlebotomy at Patient Reception 020 7307 7383 for further details, as needed. Blood cultures must be taken prior to any other blood samples. The aerobic bottle must be collected first, followed by the anaerobic bottle. Each bottle should be filled with 8-10 ml of blood, use the markings on the bottles to achieve this.

  • Other bloods can be collected but must be collected after the blood cultures.
  • Bottles must be labelled with the patient’s identification details.
  • Bottles and Request Form need to give the time taken and the body site that the blood was taken from. Ensure that the bottle barcodes are not obscured when adding patient labels.
  • Send the blood cultures to the laboratory without delay.

Sample type guide


Blood culture bottle: contact laboratory

See the Sample Requirements page for an explanation of all the sample requirements.

See the Special Instructions Legend page for a full list of special instructions.

Last-updated: 29/12/2021

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