Antimullerian Hormone (AMH Plus)

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Age related reference intervals in women
The reference intervals below are derived from a population of apparently healthy women not taking any contraceptive medication. The reference intervals represent the 10th – 90th percentile values for the women in each age bracket.

Age Range Elecsys AMH (pmol/L)
20 – 29 years 13.1 – 53.8
30 – 34 years 6.8 – 47.8
35 – 39 years 5.5 – 37.4
40 – 44 years 0.7 – 21.2
45 – 50 years 0.3 – 14.7



Sample Reqs



4 hrs

Special instructions

Samples can be taken, at any time during a patient’s monthly cycle. Ambient, unspun sample stability has been validated for up to 5 days. Postal samples are therefore acceptable, and samples can also be collected and posted using TDL TINIES.

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See the Sample Requirements page for an explanation of the sample requirements code listed above.

See the Special Instructions Legend page for a full list of special instructions.

Last-updated: 28/02/2020


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