Discontinued tests 2021–2022

Monday, 23 May 2022

A summary of some rarer tests that have had their availability discontinued in 2021/2022 for various reasons.


Test no longer available 2022 Code
Functional Vitamin B Profile BIOF
Vitamin D2 D2D3
Arabinose ARBN
Glutathione – Red cell GLUR
Glutathione Reductase GRED
Gut Permeability Profile GPP
Hair Mineral Analysis HMA
Kryptopyroles KRYP
Lutein LUTE
Lycopene LYCO
Niacin – Blood NIAC
Pesticide Screen RPES
Small Intestinal Bacteria SIBO
Sulphite USUL
Oxalate OXAL
Human Anti-Mouse Abs HAMA
Listeria Antibodies LIST
Acetylcholinesterase Isoenzymes ACEI


Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes APIN
Carnitine Free and Total CARN
Circulating Candida Antigen CCAG
Collagen Type 1 Cross-Linked
C-Telopeptide – CTX (For Nordin (Index))
Cyclic Amp – Blood SPEC
Cyclic Amp – Urine CAMP
Interferon – Alpha IFA
Interferon – Gamma IFG
Leucine Amino Peptidase LAP
Oestradiol (RIA) OESR
Red Cell Cholinesterase CHRC
Rohypnol – Urine SPEC
Schistosome Ag SHAG
Testosterone – Bioavailable BTES
Test no longer available 2021 Code