The Regulations for Travel Testing are complex and continue to change. The DHSC updated the private sector provider minimum standards for travel testing on 4 October 2021.


TDL provides the following laboratory testing services:

  • General Testing
  • Fit To Fly (FTF) in accordance with TDL’s COVID Specific SLA.
    A specific SLA covers the details of TDL’s FTF service.
  • Test to Release (Day 5 TTR) in accordance with TDL’s COVID Specific SLA.
    A specific SLA covers the details of TDL’s Day 5 TTR service.
  • Day 2/Day 8 – this is also covered by a separate SLA. TDL must process and confirm acceptance of your completed SLA for Day 2/Day 8. Do not request or send samples for Day 2/Day 8 until this has been completed. Samples cannot be processed without acceptance of this SLA.
  • Viral Genetic Sequencing of positive Day 2 samples. This service is available to laboratories making direct referrals to TDL for sequencing. Please contact  for further information.

Do please remember that both General Testing (including FTF) and Day 5 TTR require that you make a self-declaration with the DHSC as a Private Provider of these services.

The TDL Travel Portal for COVID-19 was updated on 4th October, in line with the latest DHSC and PHE requirements.

It is important that you take note of all DHSC updates to the Day2/Day 8 testing and D5 test to release minimum standards for relevant changes to ensure that traveller eligibility criteria are met through your service, which includes changes to the wording of the notification of test result, which you are required to give to the traveller.

Please remember that TDL does not provide a service direct to the traveller. TDL provides the laboratory analysis that supports your practices testing service.

To proceed with your application for the Day 2/Day 8 Testing for International Arrivals, Fit to Fly and D5 Test to Release services with TDL please click here