There are a number of esoteric tests which are referred to specialist referral laboratories. Following a review of the contracts with referral laboratories, we have identified two laboratories that whilst being ‘GDPR Compliant’, do not follow the typical model of the Clinician (you) being the Data Controller, TDL being your Data Processor, and the Referral Laboratory being the Data sub-Processor.

These are the Animal and Plant Health Agency (also known as Veterinary labs) and the PHE Mycology Reference Laboratory National Infection Services, PHE South West Laboratory (also known as HPA Regional Mycology Reference Laboratory) who assert that they are a Data Controller for the information that we provide to them.

These tests, rabies screening for the Animal and Plant Health Agency and fungal identification for the mycology reference laboratory are not available elsewhere, and additionally, they are the UK’s national reference laboratories and sole UK providers for these tests.

It is a requirement that you have this information so that you are able to make an informed choice with regard to referral of samples to these laboratories.