We have been informed by the supplier of our microbiology media of an immediate discontinuation of their product used for antibiotic sensitivity testing on N. Gonorrhoea isolates. This supplier is one of the major UK providers of this media.

We understand that the withdrawal was expected to be accompanied by release of a new product with better compliance with IVDR regulations. However, the new product is not yet ready for distribution, and it has become necessary to revert to our business continuity supplier to obtain alternative product.

This supplier, not surprisingly, has issues with their manufacturing lead times as well as being affected by increased orders from customers nationally who are seeking an alternate media. This means that supplies are very limited for all laboratories.

When we have received the alternative product and have verified it for patient use, the laboratory will store all isolates. Where identification is essential to support treatment failure we will refer to the UKSHA specialist laboratory for testing.

If you have any cases of concern and wish to discuss any circumstances related to these circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact the laboratory (020 7307 7373) for discussion with the Consultant Microbiologists.