As part of the transition to the supply of UKCA pathology self-collection kits, all kits will now be supplied with both an Expiry date and Lot/Batch number.

We request that clients monitor their kit ordering and usage, being mindful of expiry dates, ensuring that all kits are supplied to patients within date.

Importantly, UKCA kits are made up with a Lot number. This Lot number is found on the kit box label (visible through the sleeve cut-out).

This Lot number allows traceability of kits and their components and in the event of a quality issue will be used to notify you of any required actions.

As part of our role in the distribution chain, TDL will record the Lot number of kits and their subcomponents when sending out orders, but it is the responsibility of those fulfilling kits for patients to also record the Lot number in order to minimise disruption in the event of a product recall.

Furthermore, as our UKCA kits are now provided tamper sealed, additional documents or items cannot be added into the kit. These should be provided in an accompanying envelope, which if required can be provided by TDL upon request.