Andrology services

Your clinician or doctor may refer you to TDL Andrology if you are looking for treatment for male infertility.

Andrology is the medical field that specialises in men’s reproductive health. Up to 50% of all couples having problems starting a family are affected by problems with male fertility. Early diagnosis of the male factor is important in order to detect any underlying pathology, determine the extent of infertility and ensure appropriate treatment. It may also avoid unnecessary investigations for the female partner, particularly if her age is a limiting factor.

The single most important factor determining a man’s fertility potential is the production of healthy sperm. We offer a wide range of diagnostic testing to assess the factors affecting sperm health. Our specialists will also look at additional parameters that are often neglected or overlooked, which may indicate important underlying conditions.

Services offered include:

  • Semen analysis
  • Post-vasectomy semen analysis
  • Retrograde ejaculation evaluation
  • Sperm aneuploidy
  • Sperm DNA Fragmentation

Producing samples

To provide the most accurate semen analysis, the sample needs to be taken in the best environment. Semen samples should be produced on-site at TDL’s Patient Reception at 76 Wimpole Street. It is common for a man to feel slightly anxious when asked to provide a sample, but our staff are trained to provide professional support to make you feel at ease.

Ideally patients must abstain from ejaculation for 2-3 days prior to the test, but no less than 2 days and no longer than 5 days before the test. This requirement is important for semen analyses and post vasectomy analyses to ensure reliability of results. It is possible that samples that do not comply with guidelines for abstinence and collection may not be able to be processed.

All semen samples must be produced directly into the sterile containers provided by The Doctors Laboratory.

Booking an appointment

It is important to make an appointment for all semen samples (on or off site) whether for a comprehensive semen analysis or post vasectomy analysis. It may be necessary to give patients who attend without an appointment a specific time to re-attend.

The first appointments for post-vasectomy samples should usually be 12 weeks and 20 ejaculations after surgery.

Your clinician or doctor can contact TDL arrange an appointment and to confirm instructions for sample collection (please note, there is a charge in addition to pathology charges). Appointments can be made by calling 020 7025 7940.

Patients should attend with a completed Pathology Request Form. Other pathology tests may be required, and the same form can be used to request these.

If you would like to discuss the tests, or any aspect of this service, please contact TDL Andrology on 020 7025 7940 or email for further information.


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