TDL Postal Pathology

TDL Postal Pathology services should be considered by all doctors in the UK who need a personal and rapid results service. It is a particularly suitable method of transport for occupational health, insurance companies and general practice.

All third-party companies are carefully selected by TDL based on their expertise in areas of biopharm logistics and services governed by IATA, ICAO, DfT and ADR regulations for transporting clinical specimens.

Postal Pathology provides:

  • Simple and convenient sample handling anywhere in the country for most tests. It is not suitable for microbiology specimens
  • Scope for large and small volumes of pathology
  • Reliability and efficiency for most ranges of tests
  • Individual requirements accommodated

Only postal packs accepted by Royal Mail are suitable for the carriage of samples. TDL will provide these at no additional cost. These must be labelled with ‘Biological Substance Category B’ and must display the Diamond Mark and UN3373. Samples not expected to contain pathogens should be labelled ‘Exempt Human Specimen’.

Turnaround times detailed in the Laboratory Guide and on this website are quoted from the time of receipt in the laboratory.