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Medical microbiology

TDL's Microbiology service  is a broad- ranging, clinically-led pathology service. In addition to routine microbiology diagnostics, the laboratory includes reference and developmental clinical services, with expertise in all areas of conventional and molecular microbiology.

Important information

Start date 1st June 2021

New High Dose Antibiotic Susceptibility Category

All clinicians are advised that from 1st June 2021, the new Antimicrobial Susceptibility Result definitions recommended by EUCAST (the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility) will apply to all results issued by TDL.

Microbiology tests

Test codes, sample requirements, and turn-around times.

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Urine culture processing and results

Urine culture testing is performed using manual methods. 

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Stool test codes

Real-time PCR is used for enteric pathogen testing. 

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Fungal detection

PCR methods and test codes .

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Mycobacterial testing


We offer a comprehensive Mycobacterial diagnostics service.

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Types and codes

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Lead consultant

Dr Robin Smith

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