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TDL eViewPlus

Create customised patient request forms and view results anywhere, anytime

Using eViewPlus means that practices without a linked practice management system will benefit from the same accuracy that those with practice systems.

With eViewPlus you create a request form with a QR barcode containing all your patient and test details. This can be scanned directly on to our system, improving speed and accuracy when it accompanies the samples back to our laboratory.

eViewPlus makes it easy to request for recurring patients, as you simply reprint or modify the existing request form before printing.

eViewPlus also gives you online access to your results, all in the same software.

Getting started

How to get an eViewPlus account and log into the system for the first time.

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How to create a new request

A quick guide to creating a customised request form with a QR barcode containing all your patient and test details.

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How to search your requests

eViewPlus allows you to easily access and view your Requests.

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How to view test results

A guide to using the Results Search.

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If you have any questions regarding eViewPlus, please contact and we will be happy to help.