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Tests: A

Test codes, sample requirements and turnaround times for our most requested tests.

See discontinued tests to find out which tests are no longer available.

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Test name
1,25 Vitamin D
1p36 Deletion Syndrome – karyotype + FISH
2-Butanone GC
2-Furoic Acid
5’ Nucleotidase
6-Thioguanine Nucleotides
7 STI Profile by PCR (7 tests from 1 Sample)
7 STI Profile by PCR (7 tests from 1 Sample) (Self-collect)
11 Deoxycorticosterone
11 Deoxycortisol
16S rRNA Bacterial Gene
17 Hydroxyprogesterone
18S rRNA Fungal Gene
21 Hydroxylase Ab’s
21-Hydroxylase Deficiency (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia)
22q11 & 10p14 deletion (Di George Syndrome) – BOBs only
22q11 & 10p14 deletion (Di George Syndrome) – BOBs (5 days) + karyotype (15 days)
Acetone – Blood
Acetone – Urine
Acetylcholine Receptor Autoantibodies
Achromatopsia NGS Panel – full gene sequencing
Acid Phosphatase – Total
ACTH (Adreno Corticotrophic Hormone)
Activated Protein C Resistance
Acute Viral Hepatitis Screen
ADAMTS-13 Antibody
Adenosine Deaminase
Adenovirus by PCR
Adrenal Cortex Antibodies
Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome NGS Panel – full gene sequencing
Alagille Syndrome NGS Panel – full sequencing JAG1 + NOTCH2 genes
Alcohol (Medical)
Alcohol (Urine)
Alcohol Profile
Alcohol Profile 2
Aldosterone (Urine)
ALEX² Allergy Test NEW
ALEX² Allergy Test (Self-collect) NEW
Alk Phosphatase lsoenzymes
Alkaline Phosphatase
Allergic Rhinitis/Asthma Profile CHANGE
Allergy – Individual Allergens
Allergy – 5 x Single Individual Allergens NEW
Allergy – 10 x Single Individual Allergens NEW
Allergy Profile 1 (Food & Inhalants)
Allergy Profile 2 (UK Aero Allergen)
Allergy Profile 3 (Food)
Allergy Profile 4 (Nuts & Seeds)
Allergy Profile 5 (Children’s Panel) CHANGE
Allergy Profile 6 (Shellfish)
Allergy Profile 7 (Finfish)
Allergy Profile 8 (Cereal – singles)
Allergy Profile 9 (Antibiotics)
Allergy Profile 10 (Insects)
Allergy Profile 11 (Combined Shellfish/Finfish)
Allergy Profile 12 (Milk & Milk Proteins)
Allergy Profile 13 (Stone fruit/Rosaceae family)
Alpha Feto Protein
Alpha Feto Protein (Maternal)
Alpha Gal Components (related to red meat)
Alpha Thalassaemia – multiplex PCR for common large deletions
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (Serum)
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin (Stool)
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Genotype – PI*M, PI*S, PI*Z
Alport Syndrome NGS Panel – full sequencing with deletions and duplications
ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase) (SGPT)
Alternaria Components
Aluminium (Blood)
Aluminium (Urine)
Amenorrhoea Profile
Amenorrhoea Profile (LH, FSH, PROL, E2) (Self-collect)
Amikacin Level (State dose)
Amino Acid (EDTA Plasma)
Amino Acid Quantitative (Urine)
Amino-Laevulinic Acid (Urine)
AmnioBOBs only – rapid aneuploidy diagnosis for all chromosomes + common microdeletion syndromes
Amniocentesis – rapid BOBs aneuploidy diagnosis for all chromosomes (5 days) + culture (10-15 days)
Amniocentesis – rapid PCR diagnosis for common aneuploidies (2 days) + culture (10-15 days)
Amniocentesis culture (karyotype) only
AmnioPCR only – rapid common aneuploidy diagnosis by QF-PCR
Amoebic (E. histolytica) Antibodies
Amoebic (E. histolytica) PCR
Amphetamines – Blood
Amylase (Self-collect)
Amylase (Urine)
Amylase lsoenzymes
Amyloidosis (Amyloid A Protein)
Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Motor Neurone Disease) NGS Panel – full gene sequencing
Anaemia Profile
Anafranil (Clomipramine)
ANCA (Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Abs)
Androgen Insensitivity – AR gene sequencing
Andropause Profile
Aneurysm/Connective Tissue Disorders/Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome NGS Panel – full gene sequencing + deletions/duplications
Angelman Syndrome (Primary Screen) – methylation PCR
Angelman/Rett Syndromes NGS Panel – full gene sequencing
Angiotensin II
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme – CSF
Aniridia, Isolated – PAX6 gene sequencing + deletions/duplications
Anophthalmia/Microphthalmia/Coloboma NGS Panel – full gene sequencing
Antenatal Profile
Anti-Actin Antibodies
Anti-Basal Ganglia Antibodies
Anti-CCP Antibodies (RF)
Anti-Liver Cytosol Antibodies
Anti-MOG [Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein] Antibodies
Anti-MUSK Antibodies
Anti-Phosphatidylserine Antibodies
Anti-Phospholipase A2 Receptor
Anti-Ri Antibodies
Anti-SLA (Soluble Liver Antigen) Abs
Anti-Xa Apixaban Monitoring
Anti-Xa Edoxaban Monitoring
Anti-Xa Fondapariux Monitoring
Anti-Xa LMWH Monitoring
Anti-Xa Rivaroxaban Monitoring
Antidiuretic Hormone
Antimony (Urine)
Antimullerian Hormone (AMH Plus)
Antimullerian Hormone (AMH Plus) (Self-collect)
Anti-Nuclear Antibodies (titre & pattern)
Anti-Staphylolysin Titre (SGOT)
Anti-Streptolysin Titre/ASOT
Anti-Sulfatide Antibodies
Antithrombin Deficiency – SERPINC1 Gene Variant Analysis (Known Genotype)
Antithrombin Deficiency – SERPINC1 Gene Variant Analysis (Unknown Genotype)
Antithrombin III
Aortopathy/Marfan Syndrome and Thoracic Aortic and Dissection NGS Panel – full gene sequencing
AP50 Alternative Hemolytic Complement
Apert Syndrome – common FGFR2 variants
Apolipoprotein A1
Apolipoprotein B
Apolipoprotein C
Apolipoprotein E (12 hours fasting)
Apolipoprotein E genotype – E2, E3, E4
Apple Components
Aquaporin 4 Antibodies (Neuromyelitis Optica)
Arbovirus Antibodies/Abs
Array CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridisation)
Arsenic (Blood)
Arsenic (Urine)
Arylsulphatase A
Ascariasis Serology
Ashkenazi Breast Cancer Screen – common variants
Ashkenazi Jewish Carrier Screen
Aspartate Transaminase (AST) (SGOT)
Aspergillus Components
Aspergillus Precipitins
Ataxia NGS Panel – full gene sequencing
Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema Profile (14 allergens) CHANGE
Atypical Antibody Screen (handwritten tube label)
Atypical Pneumonia Screen
Autoantibody Profile I
Autoantibody Profile II
Autoinflammation/Periodic Fever NGS Panel – full gene sequencing
Avian Precipitins (11 Species)
Azoospermia – karyotype + cystic fibrosis screen + polyT(5T) + Y deletions