Many more doctors and practices are recognising the benefit in being able to offer self-collection kits to their patients. Blood, stool, urine, swabs, in various combinations, enable patients’ samples to be collected safely at home and to be sent to the laboratory for testing.

Specimens that are self-collected by patients on their own without a healthcare professional must be taken using sample kits which comply with UKCA regulatory guidelines. All self-collection kits that TDL distribute are now UKCA version test kits. Kits that have already been provided to patients or practices will continue to be accepted for processing by the laboratory.

There are a few changes in the presentation of the new kits, although the process for patients collecting their samples at home remains unchanged.

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We have also produced a brochure to show the range of new UKCA kits. Click here to download the TDL UKCA Kit brochure (PDF)

All kits are now priced the same and can be ordered on a regular, volume, or individual basis. If you are new to this service, you may wish to discuss the implications of these kit changes in more detail. For further information, please email The test and kit repertoire will continue to be updated on a regular basis.