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Sexual Health Collection Kit (Urine, Throat and Rectal)

Kit code:  KT421

Sample type: Aptima urine, and Aptima multisite swab x2


A urine and extra-genital (throat and rectal) swab sample collection kit used for the collection and transportation of samples for laboratory analysis of sexually transmitted infections by nucleic acid technique (NAT).

This kit contains the materials required for either sample self-collection or collection by a health/social care professional.

This UKCA-marked sample-collection kit is assembled within the UK using a quality system for medical device manufacture (ISO13485:2016). 

IMPORTANT: This is not point of care testing. All testing is undertaken at TDL's ISO:15189 accredited clinical laboratories.  Test results from postal samples are always returned directly to the healthcare company or doctor, not to the patient.



Download Instructions for kit KT421 [PDF]