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Sonic Healthcare UK Tax Strategy

Company Overview

The Doctors Laboratory Limited (“TDL”) and its subsidiary and associated entities form Sonic Healthcare UK, the UK Pathology business of Sonic Healthcare Group (‘Sonic Healthcare’), which is one of the world's leading healthcare providers headquartered in Australia. The principal activity of the TDL Group is the provision of human pathology testing services to hospitals, clinics and patients, and the provision of pathology laboratory facilities to hospitals. The operations of the TDL Group are straightforward in nature and carry limited associated risk and uncertainty.


Tax Strategy Statement

Our approach to tax is aligned with our formal Group Tax Policy in relation to tax governance, which has been approved by the Sonic Healthcare Board of Directors. The principles of this Policy are set-out in the Sonic Healthcare Taxation Governance document (dated 1 December 2021) which can be found on Sonic Healthcare's website.

The Board of TDL recognises that strong tax administration including accurate and timely compliance with tax filing and payment obligations is one of its key responsibilities. As is common with all aspects of the business the oversight of tax is assigned to the Board, which is supported by the Finance team and external advisors.

There are three guiding principles to which TDL adheres when considering all aspects of taxation. These principles provide steering to key stakeholders and offer a framework for decision making as follows:

  • Transparency with HMRC – TDL operates an open and transparent relationship with HMRC and values the trust that is placed on the business to correctly deliver taxes due. The Board of TDL recognises the need to proactively manage its tax affairs and obtain certainty, for example by obtaining external advisor support and/or obtaining relevant clearance(s) from HMRC. 
  • Risk Management and Governance – TDL has a clear overview of its tax risk. The Board recognises this and considers that the tax strategy sits alongside stringent financial controls to ensure we identify, monitor and manage our tax risks in accordance with our low risk approach to tax. Responsibility for the implementation of the tax strategy rests with the Board, who engage external advisers to provide technical expertise, as and where necessary. 
  • Attitude to tax planning and tax risk – TDL’s approach to tax is underpinned by our Risk Management Framework and Group Code of Conduct. In line with TDL’s conservative approach to tax risk, the business will look to utilise available tax reliefs and allowances in the manner intended by statute and by the tax authorities. All transactions that are undertaken are consistent with and support our business operations. TDL does not engage in any artificial tax arrangements. 


In making this tax strategy available the UK Group of The Doctors Laboratory Limited, its associated entities and controlling interests in its LLPs (Sonic Healthcare Holding Company, HSL(Nominee) Limited, TDL Genetics Limited, Health Services Laboratories LLP, HSL (FM) LLP, HSL (Analytics) LLP, HSL Pathology LLP, Labex Analytics LLP, Labex Facilities LLP); is fulfilling its responsibilities under paragraph 22 (2) of Schedule 19 FA 2016 for the year ended 30 June 2023.