Professor Michael Patton

Professor Michael Patton

Genetics: Molecular/Cytogenetics


Location: TDL, London, The Halo
Main NHS Appointment: St Georges University
Special interests: Malformation syndromes, Huntington’s disease, Genetic disorders in the Middle East


Professor Michael Patton trained in medicine at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge.  After specialising in Medical Genetics, he established the South West Thames Regional Genetics Service covering SW London, Surrey and West Sussex. He was also Head of the Academic Unit of Medical Genetics at St Georges.  His research interests are malformation syndromes and gene mapping.  He has published over 200 peer reviewed publications and contributed the identification of 10 genes.

Michael is Medical Director and a Founder of the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children. This charity is now the largest non-governmental provider of disability equipment for children in the UK and has also funded over £15m of medical research including the Newlife Birth Defects Research Centre at the Institute of Child Heath (University College London).


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