ThinPrep® PAP Test Cervex Brush Protocol


• Note expiry date on sample collection vial. Do not use expired vials.

• Ensure the entire plastic seal is removed from the lid of the vial and discarded.

• Complete patient details on both the request form and the vial. Specimens may be returned or discarded if details are missing from the vial.

• Remove the lid from the vial before taking the sample.

• Use of lubricant is not recommended.

Record 260Px1 Record...

…the patient’s 3 identifiers to include date of birth on the vial.

…the patient information and medical history on the cytology requisition form.

Obtain 260Px2 Obtain...

…an adequate sample from the cervix using a Cervex Brush (broom-like device). Insert the central bristles of the brush into the endocervical canal deep enough to allow the shorter bristles to fully contact the ectocervix. Push gently and rotate the brush in a clockwise direction five times.

Rinse 260Px3 Rinse...

…the Cervex Brush immediately into the PreservCyt Solution vial by pushing it into the bottom of the vial 10 times, forcing the bristles apart. As a final step, swirl the brush vigorously to further release material. Visually inspect the Cervex Brush to ensure that no material remains attached. Discard the brush.

Do not leave the head of the Cervex Brush in the vial. Check the vial is in date before use.

Tighten 260Px4 Tighten...

…the cap so that the black torque line on the cap passes the black torque line on the vial. Do not over-tighten.

Place 260Px5 Place...

…the vial and request form in a specimen bag for transportation to TDL.